Day 4 – Wandering Around

Day 4 in Sydney was a free day, no tours scheduled, just Matt and I wandering around with no pressing goals.  We got up and headed to The Rocks, which is an older area of Sydney that has a weekend market much like Portland.  Portland’s market is considerably bigger, but Sydney’s market had better stuff, a lot of clothes, nice clothes, it was kind of odd.

We caught lunch at a pub while we plotted our next move.  It was 90 degrees, so our next move was a mueseum, the Hyde Park Barracks.  Australia has a rich history as a penal colony, and the Barracks was a processing point for incoming convicts transported from Britain.

No it is not the bat cave, turn your head, I can't get right side up on the ipad.
No it is not the bat cave, turn your head, I can’t get right side up on the ipad.

From the Barracks we wandered back into the Royal Botanic Gardens to see if we could locate the Flying Foxes.  Unfortunately they began an abatement program in 2012 or 13 and the flying foxes no longer roost in the gardens.  :(. No giant bats for us, but Mattsel Adams has started his pond lily series.


Pond lily in purple.
Pond lily in purple.

Thoroughly hot and tired by this point we headed back to the hotel for a brief rest befor we went back to Darling Harbour for dinner.






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