So… Right. I have been bugging my tech support, aka Matt, for blogging software for some time. Actually, I bugged him once for it and it has been sitting here just begging to be utilized. So this my blog. At best a Doogie Howserish record of my life and at worst an itinerant record of my random thoughts. You might ask, “What can I, the dubious reader of your blog, expect from such a thing?” Well I would answer that with a much beloved quote that my grandma has on a plaque in her bathroom. “I expect nothing, so I’m never disappointed.” Please don’t ask me the origin of this quote, because for years, as a child, I thought the sad cocker spaniel puppy that is also on the plaque might be the originator. I’m older now. I don’t expect to ever learn where the quote came from and thus I shall never be disappointed. See how that works!






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