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  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 10

    10 days.  We’ve been riding everyday for 10 days and we are kind of done.  The great thing about Astoria is that it is: a cool town has stuff to do and a Brewery and is close enough to home to make an earlyish end to the trip viable. So that is what we decided.  […]

  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 9

    In hindsight, Matt and I should have expected that the ride up 101 on a Sunday would be something of slog.  It is the Oregon Coast and it was the end of the weekend, so RV dodging was the theme of the ride between Coos Bay and Astoria.  The Oregon Coast continues to be a […]

  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 8 (resumption of the iron butt)

    After 8 days of riding we are heading back towards home to the north.  I do love the coastline between Crescent City and Port Orford.  Today’s ride from Arcata to Coos Bay, Oregon was pretty darn long and we really weren’t taking the breaks we should have.  As evidenced by the increasing attractive red mark […]

  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 6 and 7

    What to say about day 6.  Well for one, there are no pictures.  There could have been pictures, but our quest to find Lassen was sort of a failure.  We were looking for the visitors center, which is supposed to be off Rte 36.  Find it we did not, and by the time we realized […]

  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 5

    Who new the Best Western in Lakeview would have memory foam mattresses!  I might have to rethink my opinion of them as basically creepy.  So the ride to Susanville started out on roads we have traveled before.  Still beautiful, as only southern Oregon and Northern California can be, but we have been down this road […]

  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Days 3 and 4

    So yesterday we decided to stop at Crystal Cranes Hots Springs about 24 miles outside of Burns, OR.  The ride down was supposed to be short, but Matt and I have discovered that the Garmin GPS can’t be trusted.  We have it set to avoid expressways and unpaved roads.  So it routed us onto a […]

  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 2 (continutation of the Iron Butt)

    Morning dawned in Yakima and we promptly left.  I’m sure it’s a great town, but we have places to be, like John Day, OR.  So off on the road we went.  So far the scooter has performed swimmingly, and it gets a lot of attention, which is always funny.  One down side is the gas […]

  • Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 1

    So despite all intentions to the contrary, Matt and I didn’t leave the house until about noon.  This can be attributed to several things.  Poor prep, lack of sleep, alignment of the stars and such, but really, we were just being lazy.  Matt set our goal as Yakima, so off we went to Issaquah to […]